Talked Spotlight: Interview with Priscilla Lund


The Talked Spotlight series is where we interview the clinicians who help make Talked the premier Australian digital mental health platform

Name: Priscilla Lund

Age: 52

Years practicing: 3 but 25+ years working with people

Specialty: Career Guidance, Coping Skills and Life Coaching

Please describe yourself in 20 words or less.

Genuinely curious, action oriented, and happy to give most things a go so long as no one gets hurt!

What is a hobby you love to do in your spare time?

I love to cook and I'm an avid motorcyclist!

Why did you choose this career path?

Career crossroads! I had a successful career as an organisational change consultant, facilitating programs to help employees though business transformations; good at what I did and yet felt I was personally plateauing. After some reflection and work with a coach, back to Uni I went. 18 months later I attained a Master of Counsellingand gained experienced working in an Employee Assistance Program. I relaunched myself into private practice working with individuals in mindset and behavioural change. In essence that’s what I did for more than 25 years in corporate, now it’s more personal and fulfilling working with individuals and groups.

Tell me about one experience which has kept you doing what you’re doing.

Only 1? Perhaps coming to this career later in life brings a different perspective. If I have to choose, it's the growth I've seen in a client who at 20 years old was struggling with anxiety, mostly related interpersonal factors, and this was having a significant impact on their life. I love utilising ACT principles and after about 10 sessions over about 8 months, the changes in this client are dramatic! Now 21, they report to have a newfound confidence, resilience and have the skills to use in times of need (which in life are inevitable).

What is one piece of general advice that you would give to a client starting out their mental health journey?

You’re not alone, you will be okay, even though sometimes it may all feel all too much bear. This applies in so many aspects of life. Main thing, when you focus on what’s important to you, put in the effort and do the necessary work with a someone whom you trust, you will flourish.

If you weren’t doing what you were doing, what career would you have pursued?

Well, if I could have my time over, with the advancement of technology, I would do something related to the study of the brain, neuroscience, neuropsychology. I'm fascinated and read a lot in these areas!.

What is one item in your fridge that would surprise us?

I make my own tonic syrup for tonic water!

Is there anything about you that you would like clients who are reading to know?

I have 2 Old English Sheepdogs!

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This Talked Spotlight was based on an interview conducted in September 2021.

Talked Spotlight is our series where we interview the professionals who help make Talked the premier digital mental health platform. The views expressed are those of the interviewees, based on their experiences within the profession, and as such are not necessarily representative of Talked's views.

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