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Bupa does cover some mental health services, so if you are seeking counselling or any type of mental health service please read this article to ensure you don't needlessly pay.

Psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors may all be covered by your Bupa plan. If you are unsure what the difference is between all these types of therapists, then check out our blog post explaining the distinctions.

What's covered?

In order for Bupa to cover the cost (or part of the cost) of your therapy session, the therapist must meet their criteria and be approved by Bupa. You can not book any therapist and expect to claim the cost back, even if you are covered for the service.

We've made it easy for you to see the therapists that are Bupa approved, so if you book with one of these therapists you will be able to claim the cost back. We will explain how you can do this in a bit.

In additional to choosing an approved therapist you must also check that your Bupa cover includes mental health services. Bupa normally pays towards the cost of psychology, counselling and digital mental health under the mental health category on most extras and packaged covers, but it's always good to check. Use the link below to log in to your Bupa account and check.

Check my Bupa Cover >

How do I claim the cost back?

When you book your session you will be required to pay for it upfront. After your session you'll be provided with an invoice which you can then use to submit a claim to Bupa.

If you book a therapist through the Talked platform then you'll simply be able to log in to your account and download the invoice. The invoice is automatically populated with the exact information Bupa require, including the therapists provider number.

Once you have your invoice you can log in to your Bupa account, select "make a claim" from the menu options, upload the invoice and click submit.

Does Bupa cover online therapy?

Sure does! Online therapy is providing a lot of help and support for people who may not have had access to such services, so Bupa recognises this and provide cover for it.

It is important to check what mental health services are covered under your extras. You can check this in your Bupa account.

Can I claim a psychologist fee on Bupa and Medicare?

To find out if you’re eligible for a Medicare rebate, you must talk with your GP. The process can be a bit confusing, but check out our explainer article on Medicare to learn more.

If you are eligible for Medicare, there may still be a gap fee depending on the fees charged by the psychologist, Bupa may help pay this gap depending on the level of cover you have.

Where can I find Bupa approved therapists?

We've made it super easy for you to find and connect with a Bupa approved therapist online. You can browse our list of Bupa approved therapists, book a session and connect with them via our secure video service.

After your appointment we will provide you an invoice containing all the information you need to claim back the cost.

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