Therapy for Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Are you struggling with relationships?

Maintaining healthy relationships is a difficult part of being human. It's not just romantic relationships that require work and thought, but also relationships with friends, colleges, children and parents. These relationships are often complex to navigate and can be over-whelming, confusing and leave us feeling disappointment, angry, rejected and lonely.

There are skills and techniques that you can do to help smooth out relationship issues and develop healthier patterns of relating to other people. These take time, but can greatly improve your relationships with others and your internal well-being.

Therapy and Counselling for relationship issues

A relationship therapist will listen to you in a non-judgemental space and allow you to express your concerns and thoughts. They will then work with you to identify patterns of behaviour that may be negatively effecting your relationships and offer suggestions and techniques for improving them.

Often just talking to someone about your issues can really help bring clarity to the causes that are underlying them.

Will therapy help you?

Therapy is one of the best tools we have to help resolve relationship issues. Since you are reading this article it should be clear that you are concerned about your relationships and are looking for solutions - therapy is a great solution to explore.

You may like to read more about knowing when to get counselling over at our blog.

What relationship issues can therapy help solve?

Therapy can help resolve a whole range of issues in your relationships, including:

  • Anger towards each other

  • Dealing with separation and divorce

  • Communications issues

  • Sexual problems

  • Affairs and cheating

  • Inability to express emotions

  • Anxiety

  • Jealousy

  • Commitment issues

  • Violence and domestic abuse

  • Constant arguing and bickering

  • No longer feeling attracted to your partner

  • Long distance relationship issues

  • Marriage problems

What are the next steps in finding help?

Take a look at the range of therapists that offer relationship counselling and therapy. Narrow down the one that best suits your needs and then book a free 15 minute consultation with them.

After that you can simply book a longer sessions with them and start working through your relationships issues. If possible it's best to attend the appointments with your partner.

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