Pay for only what you use with PAYG pricing

Pay only for those sessions of therapy that your team actually use. No lock-in contracts, no minimum spend.


Our pricing is simple and transparent. We charge a flat fee per session and charge only for what you use each month.

Therapy SessionQualified psychologists & counsellors
Subscription fee
No lock-in contract

EAP Cost Comparison Calculator

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Your Current EAP

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Do you also pay a yearly fee?
How many sessions do employees get access to per year?
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The standard utilisation rate is 3%


You're in control of your budget

  • Set therapy caps per employee or company wide to control your budget.
  • Dial the therapy support up and down to match your team's needs.
  • Employees have the option to pay privately if they want more therapy than you can provide.
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Everything you need to support your team

  • Powerful insights and reporting on your teams wellness.
  • Personal wellbeing assessments to help your employees understand where they may need help.
  • Real-time chat with therapists and wellbeing resources and articles always accessible, day or night.
  • Therapy sessions via video, phone, text or in-person.
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No wasted therapy sessions or money

Unlike traditional EAPs who charge you regardless if you use the service, we only charge you for the therapy sessions that your team actually use. No lock-in contracts, no minimum spend.

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