Bupa Mental Health Cover FAQ

All you need to know about booking therapy and claiming the cost back from your Bupa health insurance.

Does Bupa cover counselling?

Yes, Bupa does cover counselling, but you must have "mental health" extras in your policy. You must also book a counselling session with a Bupa recognised counsellor.

Does my Bupa policy cover mental health services?

To check whether your Bupa policy covers counselling and psychology services, you must check your policy extras for 'mental health services'. To do this you can log in to your bupa account or follow the Bupa how-to guide.

How do I claim my rebate from Bupa?

Once you have chosen a Bupa recognised provider, you can easily book a therapy session at your desired time with them. You'll need to pay for the appointment up-front. Once you've placed your booking you can then download the invoice and submit your claim direct to Bupa. Find out more about claiming mental health services with Bupa.

Can I claim a rebate from Bupa if I book with a psychologist?

Yes, you can claim a rebate from Bupa when booking with a psychologist, as long as they are a Bupa provider. We've made it easy for you to see all the Bupa recognised psychologists.

Do I need a referral to claim my rebate with Bupa?

No, you do not need a referral from a GP, you can simply book a session with one of our Bupa recognised provider and then claim your rebate.

Can I claim a rebate from Bupa and Medicare?

Unfortunately not, if you claim a rebate from Bupa you can not claim from Medicare. To make a claim from Medicare you must have a MHCP and a referral from the GP.

Can I book therapy through my Bupa health insurance without paying anything?

Unfortunately not, you'll need to pay for your session up-front and then claim the cost back from Bupa. Depending on your policy, you may only get a partial amount back.

Does Bupa cover telehealth therapy?

Yes, Bupa has announced that telehealth therapy cover is here to stay, so you're safe to claim the cost back on telehealth appointments, provided you see a Bupa recognised therapist.

Where can I find a list of Bupa recognised therapists?

You can see a list of Bupa recognised therapists here and easily book a session with them.

Where can I find a Bupa psychologist near me?

You can see all Bupa recognised psychologists here and then use the location search filter to enter your postcode and find a Bupa psychologist near you.