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Let us guide you through booking a psychologist appointment and claiming the cost back from Medicare.

What sort of appointment would you like to make?

First appointment, but I don't have a GP referral yet

This is all new to me and I would just like to see a psychologist and for Talked to help me get a referral.

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First appointment and I already have a GP referral

I've got a Mental Health Treatment Plan referral from my GP and I’d like to book an appointment with a psychologist on Talked.

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I'm an existing client booking another session

I've been here before and I would like to book in for another session.

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Not sure which one to choose?

If you are unsure which category you fit in to, then it's likely that you're making your first appointment without a GP referral. Do the following statements sound like you?

  • You live in Australia
  • You have a Medicare card
  • You haven't talked to your GP about seeing a psychologist
  • You want to book a therapy appointment and claim a rebate from Medicare

If you aren't bothered about claiming a rebate from Medicare, then you do not need a referral and you can just go ahead and book a psychologist now.

How the process works

  • 1

    Choose Appointment Type

    Select whether you're booking an appointment for the first time, whether you already have a referral or if you're back booking a repeat appointment.

  • 2

    Choose a Psychologist

    Book a session with one of our psychologists at a date and time that suits you. You'll need to pay for the appointment up-front.

  • 3

    Check Your Emails

    We will send you a confirmation email with a link to join your secure video call with your psychologist.

  • 4

    Mental Health Treatment Plan

    Upload your MHTP and referral to your account or have your GP email it directly to us.

  • 5

    Claim Your Medicare Rebate

    Download your invoice and submit a claim to Medicare to receive your rebate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

You don't need a Mental Health Treatment Plan to book your first session with a psychologist.

You will require it before your session, so you'll need to see you existing GP or a telehealth one.

How much does it cost?

Each psychologist sets their own price, which ranges from $150 to $250 per session.

From Medicare you'll receive a rebate of between $88 and $126 per session.

Can I use my existing referral?

Yes, if you already have a referral for another psychologist, then you can use this. You do not need to re-visit your gp.

Do I need to install an app?

No, you can simply connect to your session through your web browser.

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Great platform, makes connecting with the right...

by Susanna K.

This platform was so easy to use, to search for the therapist, I thought would best suit my needs. I found someone I connect really well...

Very easy and convenient

by Rebecca

Talked is very easy to use and really convenient to be able to book therapy sessions when they suit. There are so many therapists to choose from and the profiles make it easy to find the right one. It’s great to be able to send the therapists a message...

A great platform for counsellors and clients

by Karen

As a Registered Counsellor, I have been finding the Talked platform easy to use. The admin staff are very helpful and quick to respond to questions or problems. It is set up well, with everything in one place: therapist selection, appointment booking, messaging, payments etc. I highly recommend Talked for both counsellors and clients.

Fantastic staff, easy to use platform and easy to book

by LMA

It's cheaper and better experience then face to face therapy. The staff are well trained, kind and offer a range of different support techniques. Really awesome platform.

This has helped to make things easier.

by Nicky

Throughout the hardships of life and to share it with someone who is listening and being there is helpful.

Super convenient and hassle free service!

by Emma

This platform was extremely convenient and straightforward to use. There were a variety of therapists to choose from to suit my needs and the whole process was easy and hassle free.

Excellent service

by Peter

Booking and payments process was super quick and smooth and I liked that the therapy video session was directly on the platform and they don't force you to download any additional apps. I'll definitely be coming back and would also recommend Talked to everyone else! Great service!