How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Can Help You


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Written by Talked Team

23 Nov, 2021

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy (talking therapy) which can greatly help people struggling with a range of mental health conditions. Utilising the tools and strategies of CBT can help these individuals change their current state of thinking, feeling and behaving.

One in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year.

How does CBT work?

CBT can be a useful tool to help replace negative thought patterns about yourself or certain situations. This therapy uses practical self-help strategies, which work to greatly improve your outlook and quality of life. You work with a therapist to recognise your current cognition (thinking patterns) and the behaviours which are causing you issues. CBT works to redirect your current thinking by teaching you strategies to learn to think in a more helpful and healthy way. Specific goals are created based on your individual situation and needs.

 “You have the ability, if you use it, to choose healthy instead of unhealthy thinking, feeling and acting” - Albert Ellis

What is the aim of CBT?

CBT has no focus on the past, instead it’s aim is to solve your current problems. It also works to reveal how your thoughts are impacting your mood. CBT helps to teach you to think with less negativity in regards to yourself and situations in your life. This idea comes from the belief that negative thinking is just a habit, which like any other type of habit, can actually be broken.

What can CBT help with?

CBT can help individuals of all ages with various emotional, psychological and psychiatric conditions. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health conditions treated using CBT.

CBT can help people with:

  • depression and bipolar disorder

  • anxiety issues such as panic disorder, social anxiety and phobias

  • eating disorders

  • gambling addiction

  • substance abuse

  • obsessive compulsive disorder

  • stress and anger issues

  • post-traumatic disorder

  • chronic pain

  • insomnia

  • chronic fatigue syndrome

If you are looking to try CBT, you can book a free consultation with one of the qualified CBT therapists on Talked.

CBT to help with depression

Individuals struggling with depression will often have ongoing negative feelings and thoughts about themselves, others and their life. After thinking like this for some time, the thoughts can become automatic. This means they often won’t notice when their views or opinions of themselves are irrational or skewed. CBT can help significantly by providing helpful tools to break down these negative thoughts. By implementing these strategies consistently, the negative thought patterns will be replaced with more positive and accurate thoughts.

CBT to help with anxiety

People living in a constant state of anxiety, with fearful and anxious feelings all the time, often feel really distressed. They are in need of effective coping skills to help improve their quality of life. CBT can be a helpful tool for anxiety sufferers. It works to focus on changing the individual’s current patterns of thinking and their beliefs which trigger their anxiety.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an effective way to manage a range of emotional and mental conditions. It is not a quick fix though, and can take anywhere from 5 - 20 weeks of work, depending on the individual and their problem. Speaking with a trained CBT therapist is the first step to helping you get better.

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