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241 Sessions

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Written by Talked Team

18 Feb, 2022

There is no guidebook on how to successfully navigate a romantic partnership with another person, and it can be so frustrating when you both are not able to see eye to eye and get caught in a pattern of arguments and fighting.

Our happiness is directly correlated with the quality of our relationships - this correlation is bigger than many other factors that we strive for in life, such as wealth, status or even physical health, so it's extremely important for all of us to prioritise our relationships and work towards making them stronger, deeper and authenticated.

Is it time to speak with a relationship counsellor?

Since you are reading this, there is probably an issue going on in your relationship. Even so, it can be difficult to know whether to talk to a professional couples counsellor or not. Here are some signs that it may be time to seek help.

  • You live together, but feel lonely in your relationship and more like 'house mates'

  • You want different things from life and have goals that may not be acceptable to your partner

  • You seem to find it difficult to communicate without bickering and arguing

  • One of you or both have been unfaithful and have trust issues

  • You are a carer for your partner and struggling

  • You have recently become parents and find it difficult to adapt to this huge change in your relationship

  • You want to get married or have children but have doubts

  • The level of effort and time being invested in the relationship is unequal and resentment has grown

  • You might feel that your partner is too controlling

  • Maybe you have a different cultural or religious backgrounds that are causing conflict

  • You are not sure if you want to continue your relationship

  • You have decided to break up and want to do this in a respectful and amicable way

  • You have differing views on how best to parent your children

  • Your partner might be too dependent on you or you on them

9 relationship warning signs

  1. You find yourselves constantly having the same argument and fights

  2. Your relationship makes you feel unworthy or less than

  3. You find it difficult or scary to talk about your feelings to your partner

  4. Your sex life has great diminished and all passion has left the relationship

  5. You’ve become more interested in spending time with other people

  6. You often fantasise about what it would be like to live without them

  7. You feel irritated by everything they do

  8. You feel drained after being with them

  9. You increasingly prioritise your children over your partner

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