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HCF Mental Health Counselling in Australia

Book a counselling or psychology session with one of these HCF approved therapist in Australia. Make a booking with a HCF approved psychologist or therapist and easily claim your rebate from HCF.

301 Sessions
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Frenchs Forest, NSW


A fully qualified Counselor and Psychotherapist with over twelve years experience, specializing in rebuilding relationships, overcoming emotional and mental overwhelm and managing ...Find out more

301 Sessions

Frenchs Forest, NSW

$150$1.50With Medicare rebate

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Tomorrow 9:30AM
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Does my HCF policy cover mental health services?

In order to check whether your HCF policy covers mental health services such as counselling or psychology services, you must check your policy extras for 'mental health' or 'psychology'. To do this you can log in to your HCF account or follow the HCF explainer to mental health.

How do I claim my rebate from HCF?

Once you have chosen a HCF approved therapist near you, you can easily book a therapy session at your desired time with them. You will need to pay for the appointment up-front. You can then download the invoice and submit your claim directly to HCF. Please note that the amount you can claim is dependent on your level of HCF psychology cover. Talked has made a clear guide to about how to claim mental health services learn more from HCF.

Is a psychologist also covered by HCF?

Yes, you may also claim a rebate from HCF when booking with a psychologist, as long as they are an approved HCF provider. We've made it easy for you to see all the HCF approved psychologists.

Do I need a referral to claim my rebate with HCF?

No, you do not need a referral from a GP, you can simply book a session with one of Talked's HCF approved therapists and then claim your rebate.

Can I claim a rebate from HCF and Medicare?

No, if you claim a rebate from HCF you can not also claim from Medicare. To make a claim from Medicare you must have a mental health care plan and a referral from the GP.

Learn more about booking a psychologist appointment near you and claiming the cost back from Medicare. We also have also prepared helpful guide to obtaining a mental health care plan from your GP.

Where to find a HCF therapist or psychologist near you

Finding the closest HCF psychologist or counsellor near you that has availability when you need it is difficult. If you want to find and connect with a HCF psychologist near you today, Talked allows you to search, book and speak with a psychologist near you or counsellor at times which work with your schedule. With Talked we have made sure that you can have timely access HCF psychology support when and how you need it.