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7 Ways In Which Phone Counselling Can Enhance Your Life


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Written by Emma Reliason

B.A. - Psychologist

31 May, 2022

We’ve all had nights where we felt the world was closing in. It may be 3:00 in the morning, but we are wide awake with our thoughts, feeling more alone than ever. In those difficult situations, we often have nobody to turn to. Nobody awake, that is.

What if I were to tell you that you could pick up the phone and call a trained mental health professional - even in the middle of the night?

With nearly 80% of citizens owning a phone, Australia's phone counselling services are changing the way citizens receive care for their mental health.

So, how does phone counselling compare to online, group, or individual therapy? With all the different methods out there for receiving mental health care, it can be difficult to sift through what may work for you and what won’t.

Let’s discuss the advantages of phone counselling so you can better understand just how efficient this service really is.

What Is Phone Counselling?

Phone counselling falls under the ‘telehealth’ category. As you can guess, this means therapy is conducted over the phone, rather than in person.

No matter if you struggle with a mental illness, or need support coping with a challenging season of your life, phone counselling can help you through it.

Trained psychologists, counsellors, or social workers are on the other end of the line ready to assist you in situations like grief, relationship problems, anger management, and more.

Top 7 Advantages Of Phone Counselling:

  1. Many Phone Counselling Services Are 24/7: This is one of the biggest benefits of using phone counselling in Australia. There are hundreds of counselling crisis lines open to help you, no matter what time your depression hits.

  2. There Are Free Phone Counselling Lines: Not only are there organisations available to you 24/7, but many of these are also free to use. The goal is not to make money, their mission is to provide Australians with mental health support services no matter what their bank account looks like.

  3. Phone Counselling Is Affordable: Counselling provided over the phone doesn’t have to only be when you’re in the middle of a breakdown. You can opt for phone counselling to replace your face-to-face visits as well. Weekly phone therapy is still much more affordable than traditional in-person counselling.

  4. Phone Counselling Can Feel Less Intimidating: Some people that suffer from social anxiety, or struggle to talk to others, may suffer in silence, never reaching out for help simply because they fear communicating face to face with a counsellor. With phone counselling, you’re not actually in the presence of a therapist and therefore it can feel much less intimidating.

  5. Phone Counselling Puts You In Control: Instead of waiting around for the next available appointment, using services that are open 24/7 allows the client to attend sessions on their watch. This can be empowering for clients that may struggle with taking initiative.

  6. Phone Counselling Can Be Anonymous: Do you have deep personal experiences or struggles you need to get off your chest? This can be incredibly difficult without the safety of anonymity. With phone counselling, clients can be as open, or secretive as they wish.

  7. Phone Counselling Is Flexible: Many people have packed schedules that prevent them from ever seeking help for their mental health. This can leave parents, teens, or other sensitive groups at risk for long-term depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses. Phone counselling is available whenever you are, making it incredibly efficient for parents, students, or the working class.

Phone Counselling Can Enhance Your Wellbeing:

Counselling services provided over the phone have many benefits in healing and conquering your mental health problems.

Not only do phone counselling services provide access even during the early morning hours after a sleepless night, you no longer have to take work off or find a babysitter to access care.

If you’re someone that doesn’t need a face to look at in order to feel connected, speaking over the phone with a trained mental health professional can be just as effective as traditional methods of counselling.

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Emma Reliason

B.A. - Psychologist

Emma is an accomplished writer with a passion for mental health. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology where she gained insight into why people think, feel and behave the way they do.

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