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Written by Talked Team

07 Jan, 2024

Discover how to claim mental health services with GMHBA. Whether you're looking for psychology or other mental health support, this article will guide you to maximize your benefits. For anyone asking, "How do I claim mental health services from GMHBA?" find all the answers here.

Who should I see?

If you are exploring whether therapy is for you, often times you will encounter the first issue, which mental health professional is the best for my circumstances. There are many different mental health specialists including psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and psychotherapists. All are skilled in addressing mental health challenges. Unsure about the differences? Our blog post clarifies each role.

If you have GMHBA private health insurance, selecting a GMHBA recognised professional is key. We provide an easy-to-access list of available GMHBA therapists who can be booked today.

Do GMHBA Extras cover mental health?

In addition to choosing an approved therapist, you must also check that your GMHBA Extras cover includes mental health services. GMHBA normally pays towards the cost of psychology, counselling and digital mental health under the mental health category on most extras and packaged covers, but it's always good to check. Use the link below to log in to your GMHBA account and check.

To have GMHBA cover (or partially cover) your therapy costs, the therapist must meet GMHBA's strict standards. GMHBA knows that mental health is important to its members and ensures that it Extras covers mental health services, but claims are limited to sessions with a psychologist.

If your therapist isn't approved by GMHBA, you won't be able to claim the cost back, even if your Extras plan covers the service. We've streamlined the process for you to find an approved GMHBA counsellor or therapist. Booking with an approved provider ensures you can claim your costs.

We recommend checking your GMBHA Extras cover to ensure it includes psychology services. GMHBA does not cover counselling services. Current GMHBA Extras cover packages that include psychology are:

  • Mid Extras Set Benefits

  • Mid Extras 65%

  • Top Extras Set Benefits

  • Top Extras 75%

However, it's wise to double-check. Log into your GMHBA account using the link below to confirm your coverage details.

Check my GMHBA Private Cover

How to claim mental health from GMHBA Extras?

When you book a GMHBA-approved therapist through Talked, payment is required upfront. Post-session, you'll receive an invoice for claiming purposes with GMHBA.

Booking your psychologist via the Talked platform simplifies invoice access. Just log into your account to download the invoice, which includes all details necessary for a GMHBA claim, such as the therapist's provider number.

Once you have your invoice you can follow these simple steps to submit a claim:

  1. Log in to your GMHBA login

  2. Select "make a claim" from the menu options

  3. Upload the invoice

  4. Click submit

GMHBA has a 2 month no waiting period for psychology mental health support.

Does GMHBA cover online psychology?

Absolutely! Online psychology offers vital support for those previously unable to access these services, and GMHBA acknowledges this by providing cover for it.

It is important to check what mental health services are covered under your extras. You can check this in your GMHBA account.

Can I claim a psychologist fee from GMHBA and Medicare?

You can't claim the entire cost through both Medicare and GMHBA. When seeing a psychologist, you must first choose whether you wish to claim through either Medicare or your GMHBA policy, not both.

If you're covered by Medicare (i.e. you are an Australian permanent resident or citizen), be aware that your psychologist might charge a gap fee. GMHBA may contribute towards this fee, depending on your coverage level.

To utilise the Medicare rebate for a psychologist visit, you'll need a referral from your GP. Navigating this process can be tricky, but our straightforward guide to booking your first Medicare appointment simplifies it.

Where can I find GMHBA approved therapists?

Finding and connecting with a GMHBA approved psychologist online is now a breeze. Simply explore our list of GMHBA psychologists, book your session, and connect through our secure video service.

Following your appointment, we'll supply an invoice with all the necessary details for claiming mental health benefits from GMHBA.

Not with GMHBA? Don't worry, we have your back. After you see your therapist, claim your mental health rebate from ahm, Bupa, Medibank, Police Health, CUA Health, Doctors Health, nib, HBF, HCF, Australian Unity, CBHS Health and many more private health insurers.

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