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Claiming Mental Health Treatment with ahm


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Written by Talked Team

23 Apr, 2022

If you have ahm health insurance, you may ask yourself "how do I claim mental health services from ahm". Here at Talked, we hope you find the right ahm therapists for you so that you can claim your ahm benefits. Claiming mental health services from ahm is easy. In this article, we help you to claim counselling or therapy rebates. Make sure that you maximize your ahm benefits and claim your mental health benefits today.

Who should I see?

There are different types of mental health professionals. ahm approves of psychologists, counsellors, and psychotherapists who are all trained to help with your mental health issues. If you are unsure what the difference is between all these types of therapists, check out our blog post explaining the distinctions.

When deciding on which therapist to see you must ensure they are an ahm recognised therapist - we've made it easy for you to see all the ahm therapists who are available right now.

Does ahm cover mental health?

In order to claim your ahm therapy session, the therapist must be an approved ahm therapist who meets the strict ahm criteria. ahm makes it clear that mental health services can only be used for consultations with an approved psychologist or an ahm recognised counsellor.

If you book a therapist who is not approved by ahm you will not be able to claim the cost back, even if you are covered for the service.

We have made it easy for you to see an ahm recognised counsellor or therapist. If you book with one of these therapists you will be able to claim the cost back.

In addition to choosing an approved therapist, you must also check that your ahm cover includes mental health services. ahm covers pay towards the cost of psychology, counselling and psychiatry as well as online therapy. Use the link below to log in to your ahm account and check.

Check my ahm cover

How to claim mental health from ahm?

You will be required to pay upfront when you see your ahm approved therapist. After your session, Talked will provide you with an invoice you can then use to submit a claim to ahm.

If you book a therapist through the Talked platform then you'll simply be able to log in to your account and download the invoice. The invoice will be automatically populated with the exact information ahm requires for a claim to be submitted.

Once you have your invoice you can follow these simple steps to submit a claim:

  1. Log in to your ahm login

  2. Select "make a claim" from the menu options

  3. Upload the invoice

  4. Click submit

If you are covered, ahm has no waiting periods on claiming mental health services.

Does ahm cover online therapy?

Telehealth or online therapy is one of the easiest ways to access mental health services. Your health insurer ahm recognises that for many of its clients, online therapy provides a lot of help and support for people who may not have had access to such services.

It is important to check what mental health services are covered under your extras. You can check this in your ahm account.

Can I claim a psychologist fee on ahm and Medicare?

You can not claim the full cost back on both Medicare and ahm. No ahm policy allows you to claim from both. If you see a psychologist you must decide whether you claim the cost mainly through Medicare or ahm.

If you are eligible for Medicare, your psychologist may still charge a gap fee. Once you have claimed all your Medicare rebates, you may use your ahm private health insurance to claim for any further sessions, subject to your level of cover.

If you wish to use the Medicare rebate to see a psychologist, you must talk with your GP and get a referral. The process can be a bit confusing, but we've made it simple with our guide to booking your first Medicare appointment.

Where can I find ahm approved therapists?

We've made it super easy for you to find and connect with an ahm approved therapist online. You can browse our list of ahm approved therapists, book a session and connect with them. Therapists on Talked offer video therapy, in-person therapy or text.


We hope that you maximize your ahm benefits and claim your mental health benefits today. Mental health is important and ahm is there to support you.

Not with ahm? Don't worry, we have your back. After you see your therapist, claim your mental health rebate from Bupa, Medibank, Police Health, CUA Health, Doctors Health, nib, HBF, HCF, CBHS Health, Australian Unity, GMHBA and many more private health insurers.

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