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Written by Talked Team

17 Aug, 2023

For those with Australian Unity health insurance, a frequent query is, "how do I claim psychology extras from Australian Unity?". At Talked, we're committed to connecting you with top-rated Australian Unity psychologists, streamlining your access to maximise your health extras.

Dive into our comprehensive guide and understand the intricacies of claiming psychology rebates from Australian Unity. Harness the full potential of your Australian Unity health insurance and secure the mental health support you rightfully deserve today.

Who should I see?

Navigating the world of mental health professionals can be challenging, particularly if you're uncertain about whom you can claim your Australian Unity rebate from. Australian Unity permits its members to claim rebates from psychologists, but not from social workers, counsellors or psychotherapists. If you're unclear about the differences between these types of therapists, have a look at our blog post which clarifies these distinctions.

Before selecting a therapist, it's essential to opt for one recognised by Australian Unity. Browse effortlessly through our handpicked list of approved Australian Unity therapists today.

Does Australian Unity cover mental health?

To ensure a you are able to make a therapy claim under your Australian Unity insurance, it's crucial to verify that the therapist is recognised by Australian Unity and meets their criteria. Australian Unity's extras policy on mental health shows that extras claims are only valid for sessions with an approved psychologist.

Booking a session with an unapproved therapist, regardless of whether through Talked or not, means you won't be able to claim back the expense. This means that regardless of your Australian Unity coverage you will not be able to claim your psychology extras. Fortunately, we've simplified the process for you to connect with an Australian Unity-approved psychologist, ensuring a hassle-free claim experience.

Please note that before you book a session on Talked, we advise you to review your current Australian Unity health insurance policy to ensure that it covers includes psychology. While Australian Unity's coverage does cater to psychology, it hinges on whether you have obtained the level of extras cover required by Australian Unity. Use the provided link to log into your Australian Unity account for a thorough review. Check my Australian Unity cover

How to claim mental health from Australian Unity?

If you wish to use the Talked platform to see an Australian Unity psychologist, you will need to pay for the consult upfront. After the session, you will be able to download a Talked invoice, which you can then use to lodge a claim with Australian Unity.

You can effortlessly locate and download your invoice in your account dashboard upon logging in to your Talked account. The platform has been built to ensure that your session invoice will be automatically filled with the exact details Australian Unity needs for your claim to be accepted.

With your invoice in hand, you can follow these straightforward steps to submit a claim:

  1. Log in to your Australian Unity account

  2. Select "make a claim" from the menu options

  3. Upload the invoice

  4. Click submit

If you are covered, Australian Unity has waiting periods on claiming psychology.

Does Australian Unity cover online therapy?

Accessing psychology through telehealth is a straightforward way to enhance your mental well-being. In fact, Australian Unity encourages its members to actively seek out mental health support. Additionally, Australian Unity recognises the need for its members to have flexible access to psychology services, especially as wait times are often longer than 3 months. Telehealth offers quick support to those who might otherwise struggle to access it. Hence, before booking your Australian Unity psychologist, it's essential to verify your extras cover within your Australian Unity account.

Can I claim a psychologist fee on Australian Unity and Medicare?

You can't claim the cost of your psychology session from both Australian Unity and Medicare. The current Australian Unity policy prohibits its members from claiming from both. If you consult a psychologist, you need to decide whether you'll lodge a claim through Medicare or Australian Unity. Should you opt to claim through Medicare, you'll require a mental health care plan, which can be acquired from your GP. It's worth noting that even after securing a mental health care plan and claiming your Medicare rebate, your psychologist might charge an additional gap fee. For transparency, some Australian Unity psychologist charge an additional gap fee. Once you've exhausted all your Medicare rebates, under which you are able to obtain 10 under the mental health care plan, you can then utilise your Australian Unity extras cover to claim for subsequent sessions, depending on your level of cover.

Where can I find Australian Unity approved psychologists?

Finding an approved psychologist has never been easier. The Talked makes it super easy to browse our list of Australian Unity psychologists, book and connect in under 24 hours. if you are unsure of who to choose, you can use our matching algorithm.

Psychologists on Talked offer video therapy, in-person therapy or text.


Prioritising your mental well-being is essential, and Australian Unity is dedicated to ensuring you receive the support you require. Claim your Australian Unity psychologist benefits today via Talked.

Not with Australian Unity? Don't worry, after you see your therapist, claim your mental health rebate from Bupa, Medibank, ahm, Police Health, CUA Health, HBF, HCF, Doctors Health, nib, CBHS Health, GMHBA and many more private health insurers.

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