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Claiming the Cost of Therapy on Private Health Cover


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Written by Talked Team

20 Jan, 2022

Almost all private health funds include mental health services in their policy extras, so it's important to check your policy to ensure it's included in your cover. You can often check this by visiting their website or giving them a call.

Once you've confirmed it is, then you can book either a counsellor, social worker, psychotherapist or psychologist as long as they are an approved provider. For a therapist to become an approved provider they must meet specific criteria set out by your health fund, which often includes specifics around qualifications and experience. This ensures that you are booking a pre-vetted and qualified mental health practitioner.

Many people opt to book with a counsellor or psychotherapist as the wait times can be a lot shorter than psychologists, who are in high demand due to the Medicare rebates. If you are unsure of the difference between the two types of therapists, then take a look at our helpful article that explains the differences between each.

We've made it easy for you to find and book a therapist that is already approved for your specific health fund. Simply select your insurance provider below to see the available therapists.

Select your private health insurer:

How to claim your rebate

When booking with an approved therapist you will need to pay for the session upfront. Once the booking has been confirmed you'll be provided with an invoice that is tailored to your specific health provider. You can then send this invoice to your health insurer (or upload it via their website) to claim back your rebate.

Claim your Bupa rebate

We know claiming your Bupa rebate is difficult so we have prepared a guide to Bupa claims. We have made it easy to claim your Bupa rebate for mental health services and easy to see your Bupa approved therapist.

Claim your Medibank rebate

Our guide to Medibank rebates means you can claim your Medibank rebate easily with Talked. Take the difficulty out of finding a Medibank approved therapist and maximise your Medibank Extras cover today.

Claim your ahm rebate

If you're with ahm, our ahm guide makes it clear how to maximise your health insurance benefits cover. Easily find an ahm approved therapist and claim your rebate today.

Claim your Police Health rebate

Claiming your mental health extras from Police Health is easy with our Police Health guide. Maximise your health insurance benefits today and easily find a Police Health approved therapist and claim your rebate today.

Claim your CUA Health rebate

If you have CUA Health insurance, we have a guide to claiming mental health claims from CUA Health. Using our guide you can find a CUA Health approved therapist today.

Claim your Doctors Health Fund rebate

If you have insurance with Doctors Health Fund, we have a guide to claiming mental health claims from Doctors Health Fund. Using our guide you can find a Doctors Health Fund approved therapist.

Claim your Australian Unity rebate

We understand that claiming your Australian Unity rebate can be challenging, so we've crafted a guide specifically for Australian Unity claims. We've simplified the process for you to claim your rebate for mental health services and to consult with an Australian Unity-approved psychologist.

Claim your GMHBA rebate

Our GMHBA guide makes claiming your mental health extras straightforward. Take advantage of your health insurance benefits now by finding a GMHBA psychologist and claim your rebate with ease.

Claim your nib rebate

If you're insured with nib, we offer a comprehensive guide on submitting mental health claims with nib. Use our guide to understand the ins and outs of finding a nib psychologist conveniently.

Claim your HBF rebate

If you're insured with HBF, we've prepared a guide to help you with submitting mental health claims through HBF. By using our guide, you can effortlessly locate a psychologist or clinical psychologist approved by HBF.

Claim your HCF rebate

If you have private health insurance with HCF, our guide can help you with submitting claims for mental health sessions with a HCF psychologist or counsellor. By using our guide, you can effortlessly locate a psychologist or clinical psychologist approved by HBF.

Claim your CBHS Health rebate

Because we understand the complexities of claiming your CBHS Health rebate, we've crafted a straightforward guide for CBHS Health claims. Our approach simplifies the process of claiming your CBHS Health rebate for mental health services and ensures seamless access to a CBHS Health psychologist.


Claiming mental health rebates from your private health insurance is sometimes difficult and time-consuming. Talked makes claiming the cost of therapy from private health cover easy.

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