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Written by Talked Team

03 Jan, 2024

Looking for psychology or other mental health support and your health insurer is CBHS Health? This guide will help you minimize your expenses with CBHS coverage.

Understanding your rights under your CBHS Health extras plan may mean that you are covered for psychologist and clinical psychologist support. It is important to note from the outset that CBHS Health will not cover psychotherapists or counsellors. If you're uncertain about the differences between these therapist types, our blog post offers a detailed explanation of their unique roles.

What's covered by CBHS Health?

To get your psychology sessions covered or partially covered by CBHS Health, it is necessary to choose a therapist who meets CBHS Health's criteria and is approved by them. If you select a therapist not recognised by CBHS Health, unfortunately, you won't be able to get reimbursed for those sessions, no matter your coverage. That means psychotherapists, social workers and counsellors can not be claimed.

Finding a CBHS Health approved psychologists is now more straightforward than ever. By booking on the Talked platform, you can make the most of your CBHS extras cover and get reimbursed for your expenses. We'll explain how you can do this in just a moment. Besides choosing a therapist approved by CBHS, it's important to make sure your CBHS plan covers mental health services.

Generally, CBHS Health's extras cover helps with the costs of psychology and clinical psychology sessions. If you have specifically added CBHS Healths's psychology cover to your extras plan, you might be eligible to claim for psychology sessions. As of this article, the only CBHS Health extra cover that allows for psychology claims is the "Top Extras" cover. You can check your cover details by using the link to log into your CBHS Health account and see if mental health services are included in your CBHS extras cover.

Check my CBHS Health cover

How do I use CBHS Health's mental health cover to claim the cost back?

When you book a session on Talked, you need to pay in advance. Once your session is over, you will get an invoice, which you can then use to file a claim with CBHS Health.

If your psychologist appointment was arranged via the Talked platform, simply sign into your account to download the invoice. This invoice will already include all the details CBHS Health needs, such as the psychologist's provider number.

Once you have your invoice, access your CBHS Health account, select the "make a claim" option, upload your invoice, and then submit it.

Do CBHS's mental health extras cover online therapy?

Definitely! CBHS Health understands the importance of online therapy in reaching more people needing mental health support and therefore offers coverage for such services. That's why as of this article, Top Extra's cover allows CBHS Health members to acces rebates for psychology sessions.

CBHS Health also offers Best Doctors mental health naviagtor which is a program available to some CBHS Health members. To learn more about what mental health support can be access, check out their link here.

Can I claim a psychologist fee on CBHS and Medicare?

To claim the Medicare rebate, it's necessary to consult with your GP and get a mental health care plan, as you can't claim the rebate without it. The process might seem complex, but our Medicare article provides more clarity.

Be aware that even with a mental health care plan and a Medicare rebate claim, there could be a remaining fee, known as a gap fee, which depends on the psychologist's charges. Your CBHS Health psychology extras cover might assist in covering this gap, depending on your coverage level. However, it's essential to verify this by checking your CBHS Health account.

Where can I find CBHS approved psychologists?

Connecting with a CBHS psychologist has never been easier through Talked. You can browse our carefully curated list of CBHS approved psychologists and clinical psychologists, book and connect with them in under 24 hours.

After your appointment, we will provide you with an invoice containing all the information you need to claim back the cost.

Not with CBHS? Don't worry, we have your back. After you see your therapist, claim your mental health rebate from ahm, Medibank, Police Health, CUA Health, Doctors Health, nib, Bupa, HCF, HBF, Australian Unity, GMHBA and many more private health insurers.

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