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Talked Spotlight: Interview with Lisa Barrett


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Written by Talked Team

20 Jan, 2022

Name: Lisa Barrett

Age: 43

Years practising: 15 years

Speciality:  Anxiety, Self Esteem and Spirituality

Please describe yourself in 20 words or less.

I'm a proud Kiwi & grateful Aussie resident. I 💛 Sydney, sunshine, connecting, learning, napping, laughing & growing as a person!

What is a hobby you love to do in your spare time?

I love attending Playback theatre performances. Playback theatre performances are improvised theatre where actors play back the audience members stories.

Why did you choose this career path?

Regardless of other paths taken along the way, I have continually held a sense of wonder about human beings - what drives us, connects us, challenges us, what makes us who we are. This, as well as the value I place on exploring how we can be the best version of ourselves, led me to this career path.

I love accompanying people as they discover how they can better connect with themselves and others in order to feel most alive. This has become more important to me over time as I appreciate my own journey & exploration and those who have supported me.

Tell me about one experience which has kept you doing what you’re doing.

My own therapeutic journey. I keep doing this work to support others because my own experience is life changing. It has increased my compassion, open-mindedness, and the quality of my relationships among other things and I want others to enjoy these benefits in their lives.

The insights, support & clarity I have received in counselling by exploring my challenges, concerns, spirituality, hopes (and dreams - literally!) has enabled me to know myself in ways that have allowed me to make different choices that have changed my life direction. This motivates me to support others towards experiencing a greater quality of life too.

What is one piece of general advice that you would give to a client starting out their mental health journey?

You're already courageous and wise by stepping in the door/virtual space! In the end, you know yourself best..even if it may not feel like it at the time! So don't worry about letting your counsellor know if there is something a part of you doesn't like, is uncomfortable with or if something is not working in your sessions. Strange as it may sound, we love it when clients can be honest about these things and it can often be a key turning or growth point in the therapeutic journey.

If you weren’t doing what you were doing, what career would you have pursued?

I delight in people, places and things international culture, food, places, ideas, travel, music, fashion and stories. So in line with my other strong interest in continuing personal development and education, I would have further pursued my career in the international sector of higher education.

What is one item in your fridge that would surprise us?

To my surprise also after a quick check...9 different types of cheese!!.

Is there anything about you that you would like clients who are reading to know?

I see the human journey as important holistically but the spiritual aspect of our journey is of particular interest to me as I often see it neglected - in both myself and others. I believe it is an essential and integral part of our journey regardless of how we experience, recognise, articulate or conceptualise it. I primarily work from a model called Internal Family Systems(IFS) which I cannot say enough good things about! It is based on the premise that we are made of many different parts/personalities that all have good intentions for our system even when they are doing unhelpful things. We function most optimally when we are Self Led- coming from a central place inside ourselves of compassion, curiosity and clarity. From here, we can work with all the different parts of us and live in a more integrated way..inside and out!

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This Talked Spotlight was based on an interview conducted in January 2022.

Talked Spotlight is our series where we interview the professionals who help make Talked the premier digital mental health platform. The views expressed are those of the interviewees, based on their experiences within the profession, and as such are not necessarily representative of Talked's views.

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