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Talked Spotlight: Interview with Nicky Angelone


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Written by Talked Team

26 May, 2022

Name: Nicky Angelone

Years practising: 2 years

Speciality: Anxiety, Life Transitions and Grief and Loss

Please describe yourself in 20 words or less.

A human being who has experienced corporate stress, overwhelm, trauma, loss, love, compassion and kindness; and brings this to her second career as a counsellor.

What is a hobby you love to do in your spare time?

Travelling and experiencing new places and people.

Why did you choose this career path?

I had a moment of passion in 2015 (at 43 years old), for the first time in my life, where I realised my calling was to support people experiencing emotional issues that were impacting their behaviour and quality of life negatively.

That day, in my old corporate style I came up with a 90-day plan to change careers. I then transitioned from corporate finance to counselling via yoga teaching, wellness coaching and mindfulness meditation teaching, while getting clear on the right counselling course for me which was to have an experiential and practical basis.

The psychological skills I've learnt from all of these studies, and just as importantly, my life experience of struggle, stress, and loss, have allowed me to do this work full time; be inspired by my clients, and be nourished by living true to my values and strengths.

Tell me about one experience which has kept you doing what you’re doing.

Recently, I worked with a client who hadn't had more than 3 hours of sleep a night for 2 years and had exhausted all ideas she had for 'fixing her sleep'.

Supporting her to be able to now sleep through the night, and hear about the energy she now has and the flow-on effects of this in terms of quality of relationships and work is extremely satisfying for me.

It is watching clients make changes that improve their life quality, or seeing them connect with their values and experience a more meaningful life (whether in 6 sessions or 20+), that keeps me energised to keep working in this way.

What is one piece of general advice that you would give to a client starting out their mental health journey?

A counsellor is like a personal trainer for your mind. Just as you would engage a PT to get physically fit. Why wouldn't you find a therapist (who's the right fit) to get and stay mentally and psychologically fit?

Whether it is to survive, thrive, or optimise, the right therapist can support you in each of the phases. Persist in finding that person for you.

When you do, you will have them there to reach out to throughout your life; when you need support with a challenging situation, when you don't feel comfortable sharing private experiences with family or friends, or you need an objective, non-judgmental sounding board who doesn't have the preconceived ideas that are implicit in your other relationships.

If you weren’t doing what you were doing, what career would you have pursued?

This is my second career (after being an accountant!). In hindsight, psychology was probably the career I could have pursued way back however the finance training and my corporate experience have held me in good stead to really understand where my clients are coming from.

Having worked in big corporations with the constant changes and stressors of org restructures and cost cuts I deeply get what my clients are experiencing. My clients tell me this makes a big difference for them; they feel that I get them.

What is one item in your fridge that would surprise us?

I'll have to take a look! I have some medlar - made by my yoga teacher. It's delicious, with cheese.

Is there anything about you that you would like clients who are reading to know?

I'm just like you. I experience difficult thoughts and feelings and engage in behaviours that aren't aligned with the person I want to be. I walk my talk. I do the work on myself and listen to what I need to be in my best form, to live this life fully, and do the work I do with clients.

At the moment I'm tweaking my morning routine, to set me up for the day (it's so much fun and I'm enjoying experimenting with new elements). I have a ritual I engage in before my client sessions whereby I take a pause; to ground and centre myself, and I set an intention to be fully present with my client, and a moment of gratitude for the work I do, connecting with my heart as I feel the privilege I have to work in this way. It truly is an honour I do not take for granted.

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This Talked Spotlight was based on an interview conducted in April 2022.

Talked Spotlight is our series where we interview the professionals who help make Talked the premier digital mental health platform. The views expressed are those of the interviewees, based on their experiences within the profession, and as such are not necessarily representative of Talked's views.

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