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5 Ways Online Text Therapy is Empowering the Australian Mental Health System


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Written by Emma Reliason

B.A. - Psychologist

19 May, 2022

Imagine this: You’re having a fabulous morning. The sun is shining, your coffee has been brewed to perfection and you feel on top of the world. As you walk into work, you sit down at your desk ready for a productive day ahead.

However, as you begin to answer emails, make phone calls, and schedule meetings you slowly feel a tightness in your chest. All of the sudden your palms begin to sweat, and the tightness becomes unbearable as you realise you’re having an anxiety attack.

Anxiety is a new diagnosis for you so during the moment your mind goes blank with ways to regulate your nervous system. If only you could text your therapist right then and there and get the support you desperately need in the moment.

Oh wait - you can.

Online text therapy has been researched over time and proven to be just as effective as in-person treatment. Not only is text therapy useful, but it also has unique benefits that face to face counselling doesn’t have.

If you’re an Australian curious about online text therapy, the best text therapy and the value it can hold, read on. We’ll discuss what online text therapy is, and how you can use it to begin your journey of mental wellness.

What Exactly Is Online Text Therapy?

Australian therapy has changed its look over the years and while traditional in-person therapy is still widely used, online text therapy has gained impressive momentum.

Online text therapy replaces the face to face meeting conducted when accessing in-person treatment. Instead of travelling to an office, a trained mental health professional and their client exchange messages through text or online chat platforms.

While text therapy exploded during Covid-19, it has remained one of the top ways Australians are handling their ‘in the moment’ mental health emergencies, with millions of text messages sent per day. Talked for example has facilitated tens of thousands of messages through its secure messaging platform.

Top 5 Benefits of Online Text Therapy

  1. Online Text Therapy Is Convenient

  2. Online Text Therapy Is Affordable

  3. Online Text Therapy Is Accessible

  4. Online Text Therapy Is ‘Safe’ For Beginners

  5. Online Text Therapy Is Versatile

Online Text Therapy Is Convenient

Thinking back to our scenario above, without text therapy, chances are your anxiety attack may have escalated - making it even harder to come down from.

Nearly every person on the planet has a phone, and a large majority own a smartphone. Texting is an activity we all participate in, every day.

If you’re already texting - why not incorporate texting with a therapist?

Online text therapy is incredibly convenient, with encouragement and guidance from a trained mental health professional quite literally at your fingertips.

Of course, every counsellor has off-hours, so remember to be respectful and aware of the time restraints your therapist may have.

Online Text Therapy Is Affordable

It’s no secret that mental health treatment can get expensive - quick. Online text therapy is an affordable way for people to access services that may not have been able to afford it otherwise.

You may be wondering, is online text therapy free? It can be! There are platforms providing services to Australians that are completely free. Just remember, these platforms may not have all the extra benefits that paid services offer.

If your mental illness is severe, or you’re looking for more additional services, online therapy still comes out to be much more affordable than in-person treatment.

Online Text Therapy Is Accessible

Mental illness is not limited to urban areas. One of the most prominent reasons some Australians never receive help is due to distance or lack of transportation.

Online text therapy can eliminate some of the geographical barriers preventing people from accessing much-needed mental healthcare.

Without the burden of having to travel into the city, those suffering from anxiety, depression or other mental health issues can now receive care directly from their phone.

Online Text Therapy Is ‘Safe’ For Beginners

While there has been great progress in eliminating the stigma of mental illness, it unfortunately still exists.

The fear of seeing another person they know while at the therapist can be so strong, that some people live their entire lives without reaching out for help.

Online text therapy provides a safe, secure platform to receive mental help without the risk of exposure. This layer of security can be extremely comforting to new beginners. If you don't know who you can see, getting matched is easy.

Online Text Therapy Is Versatile

Each and every person is unique in the way they express themselves. Some people are more avid talkers and have no problem speaking from their heart. Others, on the other hand, may struggle to find the right words to say.

Online text therapy adheres to people who may be better skilled at communicating through the written word. By allowing expression through words, text therapy can be a revolutionary method of treatment for those who feel uncomfortable talking in front of others.

It’s Time To Acknowledge The Worth of Text Therapy in Australia

The fight for everyone to have equal, and accessible mental health care is far from over. However, online text therapy has opened the door for many people who may not have been able to receive guidance and support ever before.

Not only is text therapy convenient, but it can also finally diminish the roadblocks keeping rural families from mental health care. Online text therapy is adaptable to different types of people and allows those who may be resistant, a safe place to begin treatment.

Don’t allow yourself to suffer in silence any longer. Don’t allow yourself to self medicate, or "deal with it on your own" anymore. Online text therapy is here to help you become the healthiest version of yourself. Find the right text therapist for you today.

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Emma Reliason

B.A. - Psychologist

Emma is an accomplished writer with a passion for mental health. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology where she gained insight into why people think, feel and behave the way they do.

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