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8 Reasons Why Online Counselling is Better Than Face to Face


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Written by Steph Huddleston

23 Jul, 2021

There is no denying that in recent months, online counselling has truly taken off and soared to brand new heights. The last year or so has certainly been very unprecedented for most of us, uprooting what we understood as “normal” and forcing us to adapt to new circumstances. Due to all of the changes we have had to face and adapt to, many professions moved into the online space. Mental health professionals all over the world began offering their specialised services via telehealth platforms, and it has quickly shown to have many very beneficial effects. Today, we are going to go a bit more in depth about what exactly these benefits are. 

1. Increased Privacy

One of the major advantages of utilising online therapy is the increased privacy it is able to produce for clients. People all over may be more inclined to attend therapy when it can be done from the comfort of their own home, and it is always a remarkable thing when more individuals are willing to seek out therapy and can feel more comfortable while doing so. 

2. Safer Than in Person Sessions

Safety and health are huge factors more than ever right now, and online counselling is thankfully able to remedy that. Tele-therapy means that there does not have to be face to face contact, which ensures that everyone can do their part in keeping others safe while staying as healthy as possible.

3. No Commute & Easier on the Environment

It is safe to say that most individuals in the world do not enjoy wasting time or sitting in slow traffic. Taking advantage of tele-therapy means that there no longer has to be any commute to the therapists’ office, which is even better if it was a lengthy one. Less overall commutes also mean less carbon emissions, and who does not enjoy being a little kinder to the environment, anyways?

4. More Flexibility

Online counselling services are amazing for the high level of flexibility they are able to offer. An increased ability to choose from a wider variety of dates and times comes with tele-therapy, and the opportunity to be able to have your session from anywhere there is privacy as well as an internet connection is a wonderful thing. 

5. More Accessible

It is incredibly unfortunate when anyone is not able to reach a therapist due to accessibility factors. Being able to meet with a mental health professional via the internet is truly extraordinary for those that may not have a means of transportation to sessions or for those that might live too far away from any therapists. Everyone should be able to reach out to a professional when they need to, and now this is possible. 

6. Increased Comfort

Since online therapy can be executed from virtually anywhere, this allows sessions to be so much more comfortable for both clients and professionals. Clients will be more inclined to open up during sessions when they are in a familiar and comfortable setting, which is always a positive thing. Being comfortable during therapy is always of huge importance, so it is fantastic that online counselling is able to provide even more of this aspect. 

7. Greater Variety is Available

Sometimes, a therapist and client pairing just does not mesh together well, and that is absolutely okay. With the increased utilisation and convenience of tele-therapy, clients now have a wider pool of counsellors to select from to help them find their perfect match. Gone are the days of not making progress in therapy due to an unfitting relationship, thanks to the internet.

8. Can Be More Affordable

Lastly, online counselling services are fantastic due to the fact of potentially being more affordable for clients. Some online counselling services are able to provide lower rates as compared to in-person sessions, which is a remarkable thing. A huge reason people stray away from seeking out therapy is due to the cost, so having more affordability can bring more people towards getting the help they need. 

Therapy has thankfully become much more widely accepted and accessible in recent years, and stigmas surrounding the topic are finally starting to diminish. More people are in need of mental health counselling now more than ever as we navigate these unparalleled times. There are certainly individuals that might prefer in person therapy sessions over online ones, which is completely understandable. Any way that you look at it though, online counselling absolutely has several incredible benefits that should not go unnoticed. 

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