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Can Therapy Help with Anger Management?


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Written by Sheza Ahmad

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

05 May, 2022

One day you’re going about your life, and the next, it feels as if you’re angry at everything. You wonder if it was always like this. You may even believe that anger is part of your identity and it’s there to stay forever. Your mind, your body, and your everyday life, as a result, can seem uncontrollable at times. But it does not need to be like this.

Understanding Anger as an Emotion

Although anger is labelled as a negative emotion by society, in reality, it is a very healthy and necessary human emotion. It’s a powerful feeling that gives us the strength to fight and defend ourselves in response to threats. Hence, a certain amount of anger is necessary for survival.

But it becomes problematic when we feel angry all the time and we’re unable to manage the intense emotions using healthy coping skills.

Understanding Anger Management as a Concept

There is a common misconception that anger management leads to healing your anger as if the goal is to never feel angry again. That is incorrect. The purpose of anger management isn’t to stop you from feeling angry again, but to help you reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes.

The key goal is to help you develop an understanding of the underlying issues of where your deep-rooted anger stems from, and develop healthy coping skills to manage those feelings when they arise.

Understanding the Relationship with Therapy and Anger Management

If you’re currently struggling with anger management issues but don’t know how to deal with them, that’s completely understandable. After all, anger is a very complex emotion.

You may even feel as if you’re used to the symptoms that affect you daily. That may very well work in the short term, but over time your symptoms will continuously get worse, leading to potentially detrimental outcomes. All of this is incredibly overwhelming, that is why working with a therapist can be extremely beneficial.

Trying to understand and cope with anger alone tends to make people feel lost, which leads to suppression. Over time, suppression can lead to explosive responses; therefore, working with a professional allows you to go through the process with support in a safe space.

Find the Right Anger Management Therapist for You

Check out the list of qualified therapists at Talked to find the right fit for yourself. Every anger management therapist understands that anger is more than an emotional issue. It is interwoven with your overall health. They have a deep understanding of how multitudes of factors can cause and magnify anger issues.

By taking a holistic approach, they will take the time to get to the roots and sources of your anger and use that knowledge to better support you in your healing journey.

There are many different therapeutic approaches to tackling anger, and the therapists at Talked are well versed in each of them.

Contact any of them today to discuss your individual needs. The dedicated therapists want to support you in your healing journey, and they are here to help you live your best life.

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Sheza Ahmad

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Sheza has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Distinction and years of relevant work experience in the field of mental health. Her education, paired with her extensive work experience, feeds her passion to write about mental health.

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