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Living aboard can be amazing and a great experience, but being away from home can also make struggling with issues more difficult. You are away from family, friends and familiar surroundings so you loose those crutches that can normally help us to overcome difficult times.

Today, it's not uncommon to meet your spouse or partner who is from a different country. This unfortunately can cause difficulties in the relationship because someone must live away from their family and friends.

Usually one of the couple will agree to move away from their home country so that their partner can be closer to their family. This is what relationships are all about - comprise. But the issue is that it can leave the partner who has moved feeling isolated and left with no real sense of belonging or connection.

If this has happened in your relationship, it's extremely important to reach out to someone and talk about your feelings. Finding that someone can be made tricky when there is no immediate family or friends around you and often the culture or language may be significantly different, which makes finding people who you relate to even more challenging.

One solution is online therapy, which enables you to talk with a qualified Australian therapists from anywhere in the world. You may even like to do couples counselling with your partner to help them better understand your struggles with living away from home.

One thing to keep in mind when booking an Australian therapist from overseas, is that you may not be covered by your private health insurer. If this is the case you can search for therapists who provide low-cost therapy.

Whether you are in Hong Kong or Spain, we've made it easy for you to book a therapy session with qualified Australian mental health practitioners. You can simply search for a therapist, see their availability and book a session. All the times and dates are shown in your own local time, so you don't need to worry about timezone issues and when it's time for your session, just click a link and you'll be connected directly with your therapist using our secure video service.

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