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Written by Talked Team

13 Nov, 2022

Medicare is a Government scheme that gives all Australians access to healthcare. Included in this is mental health services, where by each citizen can access 10 therapy sessions (currently 20 due to Covid) with a psychologist each year provided they meet a certain criteria.

How do I book a Medicare Psychologist?

To book a therapy session with a Medicare Psychologist you must have a Mental Health Treatment Plan and a referral from a GP.

We've made the Medicare process as easy as possible and you can simply follow our steps to book your first medicare session.

How much money will I get back from Medicare?

Once you've booked and paid for your therapy session Medicare will rebate you an amount based on the type of therapist you booked with. As of 2024, these amounts are:

Clinical Psychologist: $137.05

General Psychologist: $93.35

Social Worker: $82.30

Counsellor/Psychotherapist: $0 (not covered by Medicare although may be covered by private health)

Do I need a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

You only need a MHTP and referral from a GP if you intend to claim a rebate from Medicare.

If you aren't worried about getting your rebate then you can simply book a session without seeing a GP.

Where can I find my Medicare Reference Number?

You will need your Medicare Reference Number ("Medicare Reference Number") if you wish to claim your psychologist's Medicare rebate. To find your Medicare Reference Number and claim your Medicare rebate for your session with a Medicare psychologist, you can locate the number on the front of your Medicare Card.

The Medicare Reference Number is the ten numbers on your Medicare Card.

The easiest way to locate your Individual Medicare Reference Number ("Medicare IRN") is to check for your name on your Medicare Card. Your Medicare IRN will be the number listed next to your name. For example, if you are listed third on your Medicare Card, your IRN will be 3.

To claim your Medicare rebate, you will need to provide your:

  1. 10 number Medicare Card digits; and

  2. the Individual Medicare Reference Number.

Where can I find out more about Medicare?

You can take a look at our Medicare FAQ, which covers all the common questions and answers around Medicare and therapy.

When you are ready you can also follow our guide to book your first Medicare appointment.

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