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Written by Steph Huddleston

15 Sep, 2022

The need to access online therapy in Australia has never been higher in 2022. With global instability, once in 100-year events and the lingering effects of COVID-19, Australians are now more than ever seeking ways to look after their mental health.

One of the positive changes in 2022 however, is the increased availability of online psychology and online therapy platforms. If you are looking for a way to safely and conveniently access professional psychology and therapy services, telemental health is an easy way to do so. If you're unsure what the benefits of online therapy are, you can read our easy guide.

With so many psychologists and therapists offering digital online therapy services, knowing which service to trust is difficult. Finding the right platform for you can often be one of the biggest challenges in accessing online telemental health. That's why we've put together the best guide to online therapy in 2022 to help you make the best decision for you.

Top Six Online Therapy and Psychology Platforms in 2022

Using an online therapy platform is a great alternative to traditional therapy. Many patients experience the same benefit from seeing an online therapist or online psychologist as they do from a face-to-face meeting.

We have reviewed the top six online therapy and online psychology platforms to make your life easier.

1. Talked

It wouldn't be fair if we did not include our online therapy platform in our review of the top therapy platforms, after all, you're reading this review!

Talked is on a mission to radically change Australia's therapy landscape. Our goal is to help people just like you access professional mental health services as soon as they need them. We want to you live the life you want to live. We take pride in the fact that Talked has one of the most comprehensive collections of online psychologists, online counsellors, online social workers and more who are all ready to help.

You can take comfort when connecting with a therapist or psychologist that they are all qualified and have been thoroughly vetted by us to ensure you get the best service. As we said, mental health is no joke to us. Read the reviews of thousands of Australians to find the right therapist or psychologist for you.

Through Talked, you can connect through our integrated and secure video platform. No need for any downloads. You just need a computer or mobile device and a safe and convenient place. How does your beanbag sound?

We know that with Talked, you will find and receive the help you deserve. However, we also know finding the right one is hard, that's why you are able to message a therapist or psychologist before booking and even try a free consultation.


  • Get matched through our intuitive algorithm

  • Easily claim Medicare private health insurance

  • Affordable psychologists and therapists

  • Easily filter over 300 of vetted professionals

  • Claim private health insurance from the largest providers

  • Strict privacy and security standards

  • Message therapists before booking

  • Integrated video and text therapy sessions

  • No downloads required

You can easily find and book a therapist in just a few clicks. Take a look at the therapists available now.

2. Talkspace

Talkspace is a global online therapy platform. Once you sign up, Talkspace matches you to a therapist using your responses to their questionnaire. If you’re looking for a large international organisation to provide tailored therapy for you, you may wish to consider Talkspace.

As you do not have a choice in the therapist you match with, you will need to request to be rematched. Talkspace has high requirements for its counsellors and all listed professionals have been vetted by the site.

One standout feature of Talkspace is its offering of text-based therapy. We have an explainer on text-based therapy to learn more. Through text-based services, you can reach out to your therapist regardless of the time of day or your location and receive feedback at your therapist’s earliest convenience.


  • Large database of therapists

  • International organisation with a strong reputation

  • Constant access to your therapist


  • Not an Australian website, so therapists can be in different timezones and countries

  • Live online therapy sessions are only 30 minutes long

  • Can't reclaim Medicare rebates

  • Age restrictions mean that people under 17 can't use the service

  • You may not be able to claim Medicare or private health insurance

3. BetterHelp

As one the largest online therapy platforms globally, BetterHelp offers a low-hassle experience for people seeking online mental health services. By matching through their matching program, you can connect with the therapist chosen for you by BetterHelp.

Like Talkspace, if you don't like the counsellor you’ve been matched with, BetterHelp allows you to request a rematch. All BetterHelp therapists have at least three years of experience.

As BetterHelp is a global platform, Australian users should be know that getting matched with a non-Australian practitioner means that the standard of their qualifications may not match Australia's. BetterHelp is associated with the American Psychological Association.

BetterHelp offers a subscription-based service which requires you to pay for services on a monthly basis.

November 2023 update! We've done a deep dive into BetterHelp in Australia, take a look to find out if it's any good and how much it costs.


  • A global pool of counsellors, psychologists and therapists

  • No time commitment required

  • Easily request a change of therapist


  • Therapy is only available for adults

  • Is not suited for couples therapy

  • Insurance and other accessibility programs may not apply

  • Can't reclaim Medicare rebates

4. Talklink

Talklink is a mental health directory that is committed to improving the mental health and well-being of Australians. Although the Talklink team is based in Melbourne, the directory contains a database of psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists who are able to help with your mental health issues. Talklink currently have over 185 qualified mental health professionals on their database. Talklink also have a mental health podcast called Mental Health by Talklink.


  • Over 185 psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists

  • Video introductions of therapists on the platform

  • Filtering allows you to find the right mental health professional for you


  • Not a booking platform, you are still required to phone up

  • Can't connect on platform, will need to install the mental health professionals video conferencing software

  • No tailored matching

  • Booking times are not available

5. MyMirror

My Mirror is an online psychology booking platform that allows you to book online psychologists. My Mirror's mission is to maximise social impact to reduce statistics suggesting more than half of Australians never obtain support over the life of their mental health issue.

People can book a psychologist online as well as claim Medicare through the platform, which for Australians who have a mental health treatment plan may be beneficial. My Mirror also has a matching service which connects patients with online psychologists.


  • Claim Medicare through the platform

  • Access Australian psychologists


  • Limited number of psychologists

  • Psychologist availability is limited

  • No alternative counsellors, psychotherapists or social workers on the platform

  • No ratings or reviews

  • No private health insurance rebates

6. Someone Health

Someone Health is an Australian psychologist platform that is only focused on providing bulk-billed psychology sessions. Someone Health allows Australians to find psychologists who offer bulk billing services.

The mental health platform helps service Australians throughout the country and has a large number of psychologists who offer their services on the platform.


  • Bulk-billied psychology sessions

  • Large number of psychologists

  • NDIS supported mental health sessions


  • There is a $25 non-attendence fee

  • No matching program so you will need to review each psychologists profile

  • No text based therapy option


Accessing online therapy has become a necessity for many people. Finding the best online therapy for you is important for your mental health. Using a service like Talked to find the best local therapist near you is a great place to start.

Still not convinced? You can also check out the best online therapy platforms in 2021.

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